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Aromatherapy Awareness Week

June 14 2018

This week is Aromatherapy Awareness Week, and as many of you know we love working with essential oils as not only do they exude fabulous aromas but they all have their own unique aromatheraputic properties.

In this blog post we wanted to share with you just some of the essential oils we have selected to fragrance our products with; but first a little bit about aromatherapy.

“The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been known since ancient times and have been successfully used by medical practitioners in other European countries since the early 20th Century” 

Natural cleaning hacks.

May 08 2018 2 Comments

I can't say I have a natural love for cleaning. In fact, I think I'd rather go to have my moustache waxed off than spend the day cleaning my home's nooks and crannies but there's something about that feeling of satisfaction and pride when you put your feet up afterwards to admire your reflection in your gleaming tiled surfaces.

Worryingly, more often than not those citrus notes present in household cleaners are chemical-based synthetic imposters masquerading as fresh lemon or orange. Well now is the time to ditch the chemicals and opt for a natural spring clean, so next time you put your feet up you also know your home is naturally fresh-smelling and clean.

We wanted to share with you five cleaning hacks to get your chemical-free spring clean underway. And what’s more, they are not only simple, they’re also easy!

Natural versus synthetic fragrances

March 19 2018 3 Comments

Natural does not always mean it’s natural when it comes to home fragrance products.

More and more people are seeking out natural, chemical free products not only for the body but also products within the home. From our inception we were clear we wanted to produce 100% natural products.

We are often asked ‘do you have anything scented with fig or Lily of the valley’ and when we explain that these scents are synthetic and not natural people are very often shocked and want to know more.

So we thought we would create a blog to help you understand the difference between natural and synthetic scents enabling you to make an informed decision when purchasing home fragrance.